Catback poli sans valve Scorpion – Ford Focus RS MK3


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Catback poli sans valve Scorpion.

– Ford Focus RS MK3
– Ford Focus RS3

Cat-back system with no valve – Scorpion Exhaust

Lifetime Warranty
Full 3″ Pipework
No Invasive Drone
2 Tip Styles To Choose From
Non Valved System

Scorpions meticulous attention to detail and superior engineering skills put them at the very top in terms of construction quality and reliability. But the real difference is the way a Scorpion feels. No other exhaust feels like a Scorpion because no other exhaust is created with our passion and that’s one thing which can never be copied. Scorpion’s hand built systems not only give you real exclusivity, but added value too. We don’t just charge what we feel the market will stand for a premium grade exhaust; when you upgrade to Scorpion you are paying for quality R&D, the finest hand selected materials, extensive testing and for the skill of an automotive engineer. You really are getting more bang for your buck.

Polished twin 114mm Daytona trims.

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